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Jiangsu Yongcheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
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Jiangsu Yongcheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 





The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Tongjiang Industrial Park, Menghe Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou. It has established many subsidiaries such as Jiangsu Yongcheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Changzhou Yongcheng Auto Accessories Factory, Hainan Xinyongcheng Plastics Co., Ltd., Henan Kaifeng Yongcheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Henan (Zhengzhou) Jucheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Xinrui Yongcheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd., and Zhuzhou Yongcheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Now its business extends to cover auto exterior trimming system and exterior trimming system. 


Jiangsu Yongcheng has a building area of 68,000 square meters out of a floor space of 133 mu. It is equipped with injection molding workshop, painting workshop, slush molding interior trimming assembly line workshop, dressing workshop, mold workshop, product warehouse, raw material warehouse, laboratory (including blasting experiment), experimental shop, etc. Yongcheng has produced interior and exterior trimming parts and components of automobiles for BAIC Motor, BAIC Weiwang, BAIC Vehicle Business Division, SAIC Motor, BAIC New Energy, Soueast Motor, ZOTYE AUTC, NLM Motor, FAW Haima, Zhengzhou Haima, CHJ Automotive, and XPENG. In 2013, all the branch companies introduced automatic coating assembly line, fully enclosed workshop and ABB robot. In 2015, Yongcheng’s headquarters invested in slush molding interior trimming workshop and employed 12-station slush molding line, KM foaming machine, ABB robot, and flame treating and weakening device introduced from Germany. The air sac spot explosion laboratory employs two IDT MotionXtra NX4S2 high-speed industrial cameras from the US. In November 2016, Yongcheng was capable of carrying out automatic painting on 800,000 bumpers and of turning out 400,000 sets of slush molding instrument board.  


The company employs more than 1,000 people and provides timely products and services to more than 15 famous vehicle manufacturers in China. Yongcheng has also been providing products and services that exceed customerexpectations. 


Our company has a building area of 68,000 square meters out of a floor space of 133 mu. 

Serve over 15 famous domestic vehicle manufacturers in China

Our company has a workforce of over 1,000 employees

More than ten research and development patents